Crab, Golden



Chaceon fenneri




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  • Closed Seasons from December 1st, 2019 to December 31st, 2020

  • Additional Notes
    Recreational harvest of Golden Crab is prohibited in South Atlantic Federal Waters.

    Commercial regulations for South Atlantic Federal Waters:
    The South Atlantic EEZ is divided into three fishing zones for golden crab. A vessel owner must indicate on the initial application for a commercial vessel permit the zone in which the vessel will fish. A permitted vessel may fish for golden crab only in the zone shown on its permit. A vessel may possess golden crab only in that zone, except that other zones may be transited if the vessel notifies NMFS, Office of Enforcement, Southeast Region, St. Petersburg, FL, by telephone (727-824-5344) in advance and does not fish in an unpermitted zone. Note: A control date of December 7, 2010 has been established for the fishery. See NOAA Fishery Bulletin for details. The designated fishing zones are as follows: Northern zone: the South Atlantic EEZ north of 28 degrees N. lat. Middle zone: the South Atlantic EEZ from 25 degrees N. lat. to 28 degrees N. lat. Southern zone: the South Atlantic EEZ south of 25 degrees N. lat. For more information, see: Golden Crab Commercial Regulations

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