Bonito, Pacific



Sarda chiliensis




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  • Bag Limit 10

  • Measurements Min Size: 24 in Fork Length

  • Aggregate Information Name: Finfish (in CA) Limit: 20

  • Additional Notes
    Open year-round
    Minimum Size: 24 inches fork length or 5 pounds except that: 5 fish less than 24 inches fork length or weighing less than 5 pounds may be taken and possessed.
    No more than 10 fillets of any length may be possessed. All bonito fillets possessed shall be considered a part of the allowable undersized tolerance of five bonito per day less than 24 inches fork length or weighing less than five pounds as provided in Section 28.32 of these regulations.
    All fillets shall bear intact a one-inch square patch of skin.

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