Porgy, Longspine



Stenotomus caprinus


Very good


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  • Additional Notes
    Federal regulations are no longer in effect for this species.
    State regulations may apply.

    To see state regulations: tap the blue location bar at the bottom of the app, tap Map Location, then zoom in/out and drag the map so the crosshairs are in your state's waters (within 3 miles of shore), then tap Set Location. Confirm state waters are listed in blue at the top of the screen. Once you tap the white X at the top left of the screen, you will see the relevant state regulations.

    If you are bringing fish back to the U.S. from the Bahamas by water, please see Bringing fish back from the Bahamas.

  • Additional Notes
    No longer subject to any regulations in SC state waters. No minimum size. No bag limit. No closed season.

  • Bag Limit 20

  • Aggregate Information Name: Reef Fish Limit: 20

  • Additional Notes
    No minimum or maximum size limit. No closed season.

  • Gear Hook and Line Only

  • Additional Notes
    No minimum size limit. Bag limit = 100 pounds.

  • Additional Notes
    No minimum size limit. General limit of 100 pounds applies.

  • Additional Notes
    Hunting, trapping, netting, capture, or removal of any fish, turtle, crawfish, conch, whelk, or any marine and/or fisheries resource is prohibited. You are within a National Park managed by the Bahamas National Trust. Please contact 242-393-11317 for more information.

For a list of official country and state regulations, visit here