Shark, Basking



Cetorhinus maximus




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  • Additional Notes
    A person may not harvest or possess on or from Florida Waters or land in Florida any prohibited species or any part thereof.
    A person may not unnecessarily harm or destroy any prohibited species from Florida Waters.
    A person who catches a prohibited species while fishing from shore must release such prohibited species immediately at the site of capture, without unnecessary harm. Delaying the release of a prohibited species for any period of time longer than necessary to remove the hook or other fishing tackle is prohibited. If the hook cannot be removed quickly, either the hook must be cut or the leader must be cut as close to the hook as possible in order to remove as much fishing tackle as possible without delaying release. The permissible temporary possession provisions provided for by paragraph 68B-2.002(2)(a), F.A.C., do not apply to prohibited species.
    A person may not remove a prohibited species from Florida Waters. The gills of a prohibited species must remain submerged and the entire length of the organism must remain in the water. This subparagraph shall not be construed to prohibit temporarily lifting the head of a prohibited species from the water in order to speed removal of a hook or other fishing tackle or to require unsafe practices while fishing from shore.

    Sharks can be difficult to ID. Remember: If you don't know, let it go. For help with shark identification, download the Recreational Atlantic HMS Shark ID Placard ( or NOAA's Prohibited Shark ID Placard (

  • Gear Hook and Line Only

  • Additional Notes
    No person shall fish for, or land, any shark or shark parts. It is against the law to buy or sell any shark, shark parts or shark products. It is illegal to export or import sharks, shark parts or shark products. If you hook a shark while fishing, you must promptly release it into the sea unharmed.

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